Your living room is the place where you relax, entertain, watch movies, play games and more. That’s all the more reason why your living room furniture should reflect your style and meet your needs.

Here at IDEZIO we strive to understand the lifestyle of each of our customers in order to deliver the furniture design they imagined, while respecting the constraints of the project.

Our solutions are complemented by professional service and flawless execution, flexible payment terms, discounts, supply and installation in any destination etc.

Inspire yourself from our proposals or dare to challenge us with your own design!


Mobila Living - Libra

Living Libra

Mobila Living - Filbox

Living Filbox

Mobila Living - Replay

Living Replay

Mobila Living - Embrace

Living Embrace

Mobila Living - Thor

Living Thor

Mobila Living - Quadro

Living Quadro

Mobila Living - Tetris

Living Tetris

Mobila Living - Clio

Living Clio

Mobila Living - Pixel

Living Pixel

Mobila Living - Pergola

Living Pergola

Mobila Living - Servanta Tisana

Servanta Tisana

Mobila Living - Sheer Box

Comoda Sheer Box