Energy and enthusiasm have now a space of their own, free of boundaries: children rooms. They are designed to reflect the personality of the inhabitants and represent a natural extension of their hobbies and lifestyle.

Cabinets and shelves are ideal for designing children rooms due to their compact format, easy to customize, both in terms of division and chromatics.

Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that our design proposals replace traditional cabinets, providing a more generous storage space which impresses with its easy access and modern organizing solutions.

We cannot talk about youth rooms without mentioning large libraries, compact, customizable with open boxes of different finishes. As a tribute to study areas, you can play with suspended units with or without doors.

Mobila Copii - Gretel

Child’s room – Gretel

Mobila Copii - Colore

Child’s room – Colore

Mobila Copii - Kubika

Child’s room – Kubika

Mobila Copii - Hansel

Child’s room – Hansel