Design your dream house with IDEZIO!


If you want that “something” to transform your home, then you arrived at the right place. IDEZIO offers you a unique design that blends your lifestyle with your needs in perfect harmony. A creative team of architects is always ready to help you arrange your ideal home and put on paper the colours and lines imagined by you.
Mobilier Living - Clio


In the 12 years of activity we learned how to maintain a balance between fidelity and classic lines and the tendency to adopt the latest trends. All these in order to create a quality and durable furniture that will always look timeless.

Mobila Bucatarie - Melissa


The kitchen is the heart of the house, the place where the whole family gathers. If you need a modern kitchen, customized to have all kinds of features, you can inspire yourself from the models below or you can contact us to create a kitchen to your liking.

Mobila Dormitor - Vetro


The bedroom should not be just the beautiful space where you dream, but also a place of comfort and safety. IDEZIO presents with versatile design solutions for you to enjoy relaxation at any time of the day.

Mobila Copii - Kubika

Child’s room

The enthusiasm and the energy of children may manifest without constraints in a space tailored to their needs. The teenager’s rooms reflect their personality and are a natural extension of their passions and lifestyle.

Mobila Biblioteca - Relax


If you like to read or you have gathered a lot of memories and souvenirs from the places where you have travelled, then you certainly need a library which stands out by multifunctionality.

Mobila Dressing - Smart


If you want a dressing room or wardrobe as you saw only in movies, but also to be customized according to your needs and the available space, then you should inspire yourself from our gallery or send us your own sketch.