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A harmonious working environment for efficient employees

The office furniture produced by IDEZIO is perfect for creating a productive environment in the space designed for employees.

IDEZIO can produce custom office furniture for executive, operational areas, conference rooms, reception areas etc.

We can also provide walls plating services with common materials – laminated chipboard, HPL, MDF with different finishes: veneer, melamine, painting, tempered, coloured or printed glass with decorative patterns, tapestry or with special materials, with soundproofing or fire resistance properties.

The conference rooms or the multipurpose spaces can be exploited by using bulkheads, fixed or mobile.

The removable walls allow a great flexibility in the temporary division of large spaces in several rooms and ensure the adaptability of these areas to the different requirements of our beneficiaries.

IDEZIO also provides turnkey integrated solutions for the arrangement of office spaces.

Lobby and reception

The arrangement of this area must be modern and dynamic, and the furniture by its materials, lines and colors could bring the environment a distinctive note.

Operational areas

More and more multinational companies but also medium companies have redesigned the workspace increasingly integrating the flexibility and mobility in the design of their offices.

Management offices

Our team of professionals will help you find the right piece of furniture for your workspace, while it finds the perfect balance between cost, design and functionality.

Meeting, conferences and training rooms

In order to configure large spaces, through the Vertical Design partners, we can provide removable walls, ideal for partitioning large spaces. Besides the practical utility and the esthetic effect the stud partitions also offer a high level of sound insulation and/or fire protection.

Technical areas

We recommend the custom-made furniture because it can ensure the functionality and accessibility in such spaces. In the event of malfunctions, fast access is ensured in order to remedy the problems that might harm the economic agents.

Dining room, kitchen or cafeteria

We manufacture furniture for kitchen – practical kitchenettes for offices that do not have large areas, tables, specific furniture in order to incorporate the professional cooking equipment, more complex design for the dining places etc.

Bathrooms and toilets areas

For the arrangement o the common toilets, for which the durability and the high degree of hygiene are essential, we recommend the use of HPL sanitary divisions which is the most modern and used solution at this time.

Partitions for offices and aluminum joinery

For the completion and partitioning of the office spaces, our partner company XPERT ALUMINIU  can produce and supply glass stud partitions and sliding or hinged doors with aluminum frames.