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Because 64% of all journeys are on business purposes

Conferences, meetings and events have become an integral part of any hotel project that respects and understands the profitability of this business line.

To convert the space into a favorable place for business meetings and not only, IDEZIO proposes modern furniture made of durable materials that can be configured in a flexible manner so as to provide comfort.

For added elegance and utility, we produce standalone cabinets for archiving, or embedded in the walls. In addition, we can provide arrangement for the administrative office spaces or those intended for the employees.

The rooms can also be valued by using stud partitions. A solution commonly used for the configuration of the space is represented by the removable walls that allow the harmonious combination of different areas. The stud partitions provide soundproofing, are fire-resistant and can be fitted with doors in order to facilitate the access from one area to another. They can be customized in a wide range of colors and finishes. They clso can match the cladding for a fully uniform  effect.