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The elaboration of the interior design projects for hotels involves a lot of creativity, originality and a good knowledge of all the functionalities which are specific to the arrangement. The space must be ergonomically maximized through strategically placed pieces that help to create a relaxing, practical and safe atmosphere for visitors.

Based on these aspects, IDEZIO proposes complete arrangement solutions: specific furniture, chairs and sofas, and products that give the arrangement a distinct note: decorative tiles for walls, stud partitions, doors for interiors and exteriors, carpets, curtains, countertops, accessories and decorations.

mobilier hotel


The lobby area serves a multifunctional space – the key point of traffic incorporates the entire personality of the hotel. Therefore it must be arranged properly, both in terms of compliance with the standards and regulations in force, and also in terms of aesthetics.

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Corridors and passage areas

The individualization and compartmentalization of the hall space in a unique and effective way is a necessity for most hotels. The most appropriate solution in order to confer the walls prestige is to use decorative panels made of various materials.

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The hotel room

Each item of furniture contributes to transforming the space into an object of fascination and admiration, a small universe where anyone can find themselves in, where everyone feels comfortable.

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Conference rooms and multifunctional spaces

Conferences, meetings and events have become an integral part of any hotel project that respects and understands the profitability of this business line.

mobilier hotel

Restaurant, bistro or self-service

For the arrangement of the public spaces, the perfect blend of functionality, ergonomics, accessibility and aesthetics is the rule that guides our design choices. In addressing this area, we propose intuitive pieces, easy to use and maintain, with a high wear-resistance, made of durable materials.

Complete fit out solutions

Together with the partner company, Vertical Design, we can fully arrange any hotel project at the highest quality standards.