With an experience of over 12 years in furniture manufacturing, IDEZIO puts at your disposal the best professionals and the highest technology used in the development of custom made parts.

Our first products were custom made furniture upon request, designed for residential areas.

The appreciation of the clients, and the passion for innovation have led us to expand our sales network, IDEZIO becoming a reliable partner on the market of residential furniture, and also office, hotel and retail industry furniture.

In 2010, we made major investments in the technological capabilities of the company, and we bought the latest design software.

Since April 2011 we enjoy the new brand- IDEZIO, which brought us recognition both in the country and abroad. Also at that moment, in order to support our designers, we have introduced IMOS CAD in addition to the classic design software, which is an integrated solution for the furniture manufacturing and for presenting it in an attractive manner.

In 2012 in order to make the activities carried out more efficiently, we have implemented the ERP system that helps us organize our activity so that we would be able to offer our clients the shortest delivery time possible.

In 2013, we completed our first hotel project: Hotel Kronwell in Brasov. Also in 2013, we started to expand on the foreign markets, and the products branded under the brand IDEZIO were exhibited at the specific fairs in Western Europe.

In 2015 we launched a new range of furniture, unique in Romania – Sheer Box White Collection, which brings forward the simple and elegant lines that redefine the space in a minimalist manner.

Starting with January 2016, we began expanding our plant and develop new manufacturing lines.