No hidden costs! Furniture directly from the manufacturer.

All the furniture items designed under the brand IDEZIO are made in our own factory, an ultra-modern production unit.

Located in the Ploiesti Industrial Park, the plant has an area of 2000 square meters, high technology equipment and machinery, and specialized design software that control the entire flow – from the production line to the actual sale.

Our technological capabilities include:

  • Homag CNC Machining Centers perform a wide range of panel processing operations through Multi Processing Unit and edge banding. The high performance equipment for routing, drilling, cutting, grooving and edge banding for furniture and interior design production encourage the designers’ creativity;

  • Homag edge banding machine with laser technology uses a laser beam to melt the surface to be glued, which is then pressed directly onto the workpiece. The result: edges of the very highest quality;

  • HOLZMA 3 series saws for automatic cuttingcontribute to increased cutting quality, to simplified organized workflow and a better finished products and shorter completion time;

  • Brandt Optimat edge banding machines ensure flexible production, high precision, safe and reliable gluing, forming the basis for optimum processing quality expected by our clients;

  • Cefla coating and finishing line, is specially designed and engineered to obtain supreme quality finishes for MDF or veneer boards and panels by means of an ultra-even application between the surface and edge, UV rays that are effectively emitted thereby ensuring excellent uniform coating, fast and clean handling throughout the entire process. High quality at competitive prices!

  • The automatic spiral wrapping installation provides our finished products an optimal protection during manipulation and transport.

Environment and quality management system

Every product reflects the standards of the entire brand IDEZIO. The production and management systems are certified in terms of quality (ISO 9001: 2000) and environmental impact (ISO 14001: 2004).

Our commitment to quality requires a continuous investment in the manufacturing process, but also in training the personnel who must stand up to the highest expectations of the clients.

To ensure a sustainable development, we promote a rationalization of the production system. In this way, we do not lose sight of the issues such as quality, safety or environmental protection.