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About us


The trends and technology, the quality materials and the diversity of colours come together in a perfect balance under the careful watch of the brand IDEZIO.

The style we approach is a statement of elegance, simplicity and comfort. The creative design of our products includes both dynamic elements that express enthusiasm for everything new and unconventional and complex shapes that highlight the experience and mastery accumulated over time.

Although we started with residential furniture, made upon request, we got to arrange complex spaces and offer complete solutions in the field of interior design. Over time, we furnished both residential spaces, and hotels or various accommodation facilities, restaurants, office buildings, shops, beauty centres, medical centres and many other types of locations.

In the 12 years of activity, IDEZIO has managed to establish itself as a valuable partner in the relationship with the architects, designers and final beneficiaries. The achievements so far encourage us to believe that we have solutions for any type of project.

When we begin to outline the design imagined by our clients, we start with the three elements that confer uniqueness to the IDEZIO concept: ergonomic, energetic and elegant. They help us to propose modern solutions that meet the functional requirements, but which keep the sophisticated look and gives the space surprising dynamics.


Due to the professionalism and quality of the furnishings produced in our factory, IDEZIO has managed to establish itself as a reliable partner in dealing with international collaborators: architects and architecture firms, consultants, furnishing agents and representatives, final beneficiaries etc.

Our most popular product categories, with the highest demand, are painted MDF,  furniture components and custom made furniture.

On the European market, we have imposed especially in countries like Germany, France, Belgium, Italy etc. For several years, we are represented in Azerbaijan, with a showroom opened in Baku.

We are in a continuous process of expansion and we are always looking for opportunities to penetrate international markets. IDEZIO invests in export market development activities, therefore, we are open to collaborations with potential clients related to our field of activity.